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The only bike shop to go to in Miami!

Always great service for whatever you need by true professionals. You never get sold on something you don't really need.

—Scott K. Miami, FL

Super friendly and knowledgeable. It's refreshing to get advice that actually helps you make the right decision rather than just helping the business making the largest possible sale!

I'll definitely go back there for all my biking needs.

—Thomas D. Miami

Proud to be a new bike owner thanks to these guys! I used to ride all the time when I lived abroad and decided Miami was the perfect place to get back to it. That being said, I know absolutely NOTHING about bikes. The staff was welcoming, educational, and patient while helping me figure out which bike was right for me without simply recommending the most expensive wheels in the place. Great experience, great service, and great products -- how often do you get to say that?

—Whitney K. Miami, FL

Absolutely professional in all respects. I really enjoy that there is a wide selection of brands and style of bikes for everyone. From what I've learned, the owner is or used to be a champion racer so his knowledge on the sport is obviously very useful. Highly recommended.

—Jake P. Miami, FL

I came in and played 3,000 questions with the owner, Darren. He took his time answering my questions, encouraged me to test drive and didn't pressure me at all. It wasn't until 6 weeks later that I came back ready to buy and got the same super friendly service from Kareem. I left with a bike that was beautiful and perfectly suited to my needs. Go see these super knowledgeable and nice guys and the sweet shop dog!

—Christin B. Miami, FL

The staff here was amazing. I wanted to buy my boyfriend a bike for Xmas, but knew nothing about bikes! Steve and Kareem gave me plenty of time and attention and helped me chose the perfect one. They also helped me out with a SAFE child seat for our 4 year old daughter.

The owner and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and patient. They were also very friendly and welcoming.

I went back to the shop a few times before I made my purchase, and during the process - found that I wanted a bike for myself too. I mentioned it to my mom in passing - she ended up calling the shop and arranging a surprise for ME! They worked with her and she surprised me with an awesome PINK cruiser - so now I can go on rides with my family!!!!

They were great to me...and GREAT with my Mom. I would highly recommend this shop. It felt the way a great local bike shop should feel!

—Brooke P. Miami, FL

I don't think you can find a better bike shop in Miami. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. Brought my bike in for service, and have purchased two bikes since then. They have great prices and quick service. Highly recommended!!!

—Dr. Steven R. Miami, FL

They are open 7 days a week. enough said. They are very friendly and helpful and manage to offer a good price. I bought my newest bike from here and must say that after going to various places, this place felt right.

—Paula G. Coral Gables, FL

If you're looking to buy a new ride I suggest this place. It's small, convenient and local. I have gone in here several times and every time I've had these guys really take good care of me. Reminds me of what a cool local bike shop should be. Takes me back to when I was a kid and lived my summers riding my bike in New York.

What I really enjoy about this place is that there is a wide selection of brands and style of bikes for everyone. From what I've learned, the owner is or used to be a champion racer so his knowledge on the sport is obviously very useful. Highly recommended.

—Ozzie H. Miami, FL

Outstanding bike shop. My bike was recently stolen so I was in need of a replacement. I went into the shop and everyone was super chill and attentive. No one was pushy and they helped me find the right bike for me without being salesmen about it.

Not only did they get me a new bike, they retrieved my stolen bike! I had posted my stolen bike online, and it was seen by Jose in the shop. Someone brought my stolen bike in to accessorize it with my bent u lock still on it. Jose recognized it and Dave retrieved it and called me to come pick it up. Now I have two bikes and couldn't be happier.

"Above and beyond" is the way I would describe their level of service here. Outstanding bike shop with outstanding staff.

Also, Corgis. Thanks guys!

—D.L. Miami, FL