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Repair Shop Services

Wash and lube $30 (Includes wash bike, degrease drive-train, lubricate chain and all cables)

Regular Tune-Up $55 (Includes: Brake and gear adjustment, lubricate cables , check and adjust tire air pressure , check and tighten all nuts and bolts)

Full Tune-Up $80 (Includes: all services provided by Basic Tune Up plus: front and rear wheel truing, bike wash, degrease drive-train , bike shine/protection treatment)

E-Bike Basic Tune-Up $80

E-Bike Full Tune-Up $125

Complete Overhaul $250 (Includes all services provided by Full Tune Up plus : standard front and rear wheel bearings (ceramic upgrades available at additional cost), (ceramic upgrades available at additional cost), bottom bracket overhaul (ceramic upgrades available at additional cost), new standard headset bearings (ceramic upgrades available at additional cost), all new gear cables and housings , all new brake cables and housings (mechanical brakes only) new bar tape/ handlebar grips.

Brake adjustment $20 / $25 for E-Bike
Gear Adjustment $20 
Brake/Gear cable install w/ adjustment $25
Hydraulic Brake Bleed $25
Wheel truing $20 and up
Flat Repair $10/tire (excluding tube price)
Repair / Refill Tubeless $25/tire
Replace Tubular $50/tire
Cassette / Cog / Freewheel install or removal $15
Hub Overhaul $45
Chain install $15
Bottom Bracket install $30
Fork install $60
Crank install Up to $30
Headset install Up to $40
Bike Assembly from box (from shipping) $75, $95 for E-Bike
Package bike for shipping $75, $95 for E-Bike
Custom labor

Bike Storage
(min $5) $40 half hour $75 an hour

$50/bike per month

Road, Mountain and TT bike Fitting!
Basic mechanical Fit! Includes up to one hour of Adjustment using a plum bob, level, and Goniometer to get you within a very small margin of error! $75

Retül Fitting! A complete digital motion capturing System to dial your fit in the most accurate way possible! Up to 2 1/2 hours long! $250

The Miami Bike Shop is your one stop shop for all of your Bicycle Service Needs. Call us today for more information at 305-358-7004.